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“Kindle Publishing: Who else wants to quickly write a Kindle e-book, publish it to Amazon, and get paid over and over?”

From: Suzanne Doyle-Ingram
Date: Monday 8:30 am

Kindle Publishing

That first pay check was the best. To this day, it’s still the highest I’ve received.
I remember opening the envelope, not knowing what was inside, and seeing it staring back at me. And then it hit. Joy, disbelief, excitement; you name it, I was feeling it.

“Surely this isn’t mine? Maybe they’ve mixed up my payment with someone else’s?”

My first Kindle book. My first Amazon pay check. $1700!

Looking back at it now, more than a year down the line, the irony isn’t lost on me. Here I am, a mom of three, a business woman with three companies, an outgoing and confident woman, and yet I’d been so nervous about the book failing that I’d written it under a pen name. My logic was that if it turned out to be a complete disaster, at least a pen name would ensure it wouldn’t come back to haunt me. The last thing I wanted was for my professional reputation to suffer.

The reality is that those fears couldn’t have been further from the truth. The credibility and impact that being a published author has had on my business has been phenomenal. Sure, there was a risk involved, but as a business woman, taking the plunge was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And I’m not just talking about the monthly pay check. Don’t get me wrong, the checks are amazing, and it feels great being paid on auto pilot for work I did over a year ago. But without a doubt my favourite part of it all is how it’s boosted my business practically overnight.

Being able to say to prospective clients that I’m a published author – not just a published author but a bestselling published author of seven books – has definitely been the difference between making a sale or losing out. There’s absolutely no doubt about it. Would you rather do business with a plain Jane, or a published specialist? There’s no competition, is there? I’ve generated countless leads off the back of my books, and funnily enough, my worst selling book was actually responsible for helping me to secure several lucrative consulting contracts. It’s not all about how many copies it sells!

The credibility associated with being a published author has opened doors for me I never thought possible. Just last week I was offered my own radio show! My own radio show, can you believe that? There’s absolutely no way that would have happened had it not been for my Kindle eBooks. 

It’s boosted my career, it’s boosted my business, it’s boosted my bank balance, and people take me more seriously as a result. That’s not me over exaggerating or blowing my own trumpet. This is me being completely honest. I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt that Kindle publishing has changed my life.

So what does this mean for you? Why am I telling you all of this?

There’s a huge opportunity right now, and it’s one that’s only going to get bigger. The publishing world as we know it is in a massive state of transition, and if you know how to capitalize on it there’s no reason why you can’t replicate my success. Amazon reportedly sells 114 eBooks for every 100 paperbacks. This is a market that’s only going to grow. For the first time ever, anyone (yes literally anyone), can publish a book.

My formula isn’t rocket science. It’s something you can do too. How do I know? Well, I’ve run countless workshops teaching people what I’m doing, and not only have I had excellent feedback, I’ve had tangible results too. One of my students mentioned in the above video, Bonnie Terry, has 2 Amazon best selling books. She didn’t even own a Kindle before meeting me. Here’s what two other students, Elena and Jennifer, have to say about my system:


Every expert, or ‘would-be expert’ needs to have a book! I am amazed at what I learned from your Kindle publishing course.  Not only did you provide step-by-step instructions, the little tips and tricks and what NOT to do are just priceless. I am so excited as I began researching my market, to realize the huge opportunity before me. I have multiple books planned according to your system and I know I can really do this!

– Elena Verlee, PR Agency owner and Social Media Influencer at

For me this course was a page turner. Honestly, it didn’t feel like ‘work’ to get through the videos, I enjoyed them and I will be able to use them to just follow your instructions to get my book out there. I love your honesty regarding the money, love your honesty about using your pen name because you were afraid of failing – we all feel that way!

 The information on finding free images and researching your topic is worth the price that you are selling this for on its own! I was not familiar with the info for free images or for researching your topic and I can think of about a million ways that it will make my life easier/better!

– Best selling author Jennifer Charboneau

So what’s on offer here exactly?
I’ve honed my system down to a fine art that you can replicate, and I’ve created an incredibly detailed video course showing you everything you need to do to become a published author yourself. That’s what I want to share with you today. My videos go through EVERYTHING in a structured and easy to follow manner.
We start with the very basics like “What should I write about and how do I know there’s a market for it?”, move on to revealing how to write and how to format to ensure your book’s approved, and even consider how to optimize your sales page, how to market your book, and how to apply for Tax breaks (if from outside the US). Believe me, no other publishing course, Kindle or otherwise, is as detailed, honest and thorough as this.
I can’t promise you’ll be a best seller like Bonnie Terry and Jennifer Charboneau, but what I can promise is that if you take this video course and publish your book you’re going to earn an residual income on auto-pilot , you’ll have more credibility and authority, and, if you’re a business owner, I’m absolutely certain you’ll get more customers as a result.

Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in this Kindle Publishing course:

Video 1: Introduction – Let’s get Started!  (23:44)
Video 2: Don’t Waste Your Time – How To Choose A Hot Selling Topic (27:39)
Video 3: How to Come Up With Ideas (07:41)
Video 4: How to Write Your Book Fast & What NOT To Do (19:47)
Video 5: Formatting Your Book For Maximum Impact (23:46)
Video 6: The Easy Way to Find Images for your Book (06:15)
Video 7: The Science Behind A Book Cover (06:08)
Video 8: The A to Z Of Uploading Your Book For the Kindle Market (19:44)
Video 9: The Easy Way To Apply For Tax Exemption (for non USA citizens) (02:43)
Video 10: Marrrvelous Marketing Methods That Make The Cash Register Ring! (15:40)
BONUS VIDEO: How to Write a Press Release (05:27)
“But I can’t write, I can’t think of ideas, I’ve got no time, I don’t even own a Kindle” I hear you say… With my help, I promise you, you can have your first published eBook within one week. I mean it – one week is all it takes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a Kindle or you don’t yet know what you’re going to write about. To be honest, it doesn’t even if you flunked your English classes as a kid. Whatever your motivation or current situation, whatever your background – whether you’re doing this to boost your credibility and your business, or because the extra income could go a long way – this is a course you can’t afford to miss.
How much does it cost? Your investment in the Kindle Revenue System is only $197 and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


And there are also a few extra bonuses I’d like to mention…
Not only will I guide you, I’ll actually make it even easier than that. Ill even give you the very same templates and resources that I use myself. We’re talking fill in the blank resources and step by step worksheets to make publishing your book a breeze.
You’ll receive:
• My Pre-formatted Kindle template (so you just drop your book into it and it’s done).
• Step by step 20 page PDF on formatting and uploading
• Step by step formula to write your book in one week (YES you can!)
• Step by step checklist (in chronological order of what to do first)
• How to market your book using my tried and true techniques
• Amazon’s formatting guide
But wait, there’s one other thing I want to tell you about. As you’ll see when you start the course, honesty and integrity are the most important things for me. This isn’t a course full of fluff or sales talk. I share my personal experiences and strategies in an honest and upfront fashion. And that’s how I want it to stay; honest and upfront. Which is why, I’ve decided to offer a 30 day, absolutely no risk, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee if you try my course and you aren’t completely satisfied. What have you got to lose? This risk is all on me.
Grab A Bargain Today

For a limited time only, my course is available for the special rate of only $197. Think about it this way, how many sales will it take to earn $197 after telling your clients you’re a published author? One? Isn’t the boost to your credibility worth more than a meal at a restaurant? This is an investment in yourself and in your future. What are you waiting for?

BUY NOW for risk free, immediate access – only $197 today.


Kind Regards,
Suzanne Doyle-Ingram


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